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    Spotlight On: Renayle Fink

    MuseHub’s Lauren Tharp interviews copywriter Renayle Fink on her best writing tips, the nature of copywriting, and why a little swearing never hurt anyone. For more Renayle, visit http://finkthewriter.comĀ (business) or http://pentothepaper.comĀ (personal).

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    Spotlight On: Williesha Morris

    MuseHub’s Lauren Tharp speaks with award-winning blogger and copywriter Williesha Morris about writing, marketing, and mental health. Discover more about Williesha on her website, http://myfreelancelife.com

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    Spotlight On: Nida Sea

    MuseHub’s Lauren Tharp interviews Nida Sea, an esteemed copywriter, blogger, and internet marketer, about each of her many writing skills and how others can follow in her footsteps.

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    Our Founder on Mental Health Awareness

    Our founder, Lauren Tharp, took a break from hosting the MuseHub Podcast in order to be interviewed by Annemarie Cross over on The Christian Entrepreneurs Podcast. As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, the primary topic of choice was living with mental illness(es), and how God never throws anything at you that you can’t handle.

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    Spotlight On: Heather Landry

    Heather Landry AKA SandpaperDaisy joins MuseHub’s Lauren Tharp to talk about her work as a funeral portrait artist, her new horror/fantasy comic, her debut novel, and why she’s TOTALLY AGAINST “limited” art pieces. Find out more about Heather at her website http://sandpaperdaisy.com

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    Spotlight On: Lauren Tharp

    Frank Spear interviews Lauren Tharp, MuseHub’s founder and the owner of the multiple award-winning LittleZotz Writing, about her freelance writing career, what MuseHub is all about, and Freedom of Speech. Visit Lauren’s freelance writing website here:

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    Spotlight On: Frank Spear

    Frank Spear, the owner of Spear Content Creation, shares how he got his start, what he does as a ghostwriter and content marketer, and how he spends his free time as a freelance writer for hire. Frank’s freelance writing website:

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    Spotlight On: Ramiro Roman

    Ramiro Roman, also known as Skincube, speaks with MuseHub’s Lauren Tharp about working in the horror industry, his current art projects, and how he serves his freelance clients. Featured Art Pieces: