Daniel Rose

Daniel Rose

Daniel Rose helps B2B SaaS companies sell more, using engaging copy and content. Sick of boring web pages and emails with zero personality? By getting to know you, your industry and your customers, Daniel will help you with writing that'll have your ideal customers lining up and eager to do business.

“Daniel was great! A really nice guy, excellent communicator, he took the time to listen to our requirements and has provided us with top quality content, including suggestions on how we can improve our existing sales content. I searched long and hard to find someone like Daniel and recommend you stop looking and call him right now. We’re looking forward to working with him again.” ~ Sean Miller, CEO at

Average Rates:  Contact Daniel for a personalized quote or to have a chat.


Writing Samples:

Shazi Syed

Shazi Irshad Syed

Do you want content that dazzles & copy that mesmerizes?

A content marketer, writer, blogger, and editor, Shazi promises crackling content that delivers results for your business

Whether you want an engaging blog post that makes your reader feel so connected they click on 'share' instantly, or handle your email marketing so that it skyrockets your subscriber list, or maybe you just want *really good* content on your website which converts unique traffic into recurring customers - whatever it is you want, Shazi 'gets' it.

A pet industry expert, she also specializes in digital marketing & B2B tech content.

A caffeine-addict, crochet-nut, cat-lover, and Mom to a super active toddler, Shazi also loves talking strategy. So, email her!

Average Rates: Super flexible as Shazi knows that there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to your business. Hit her up for a quick chat at to talk about your content needs, or just swap horrifying parenting fails - your choice.


Writing Sample:


Williesha Morris

Williesha Morris has used her 15+ years experience and education as a writer and expanded into a business management service. Her expertise as a copywriter, award-winning blogger, and marketer has helped entrepreneurs and businesses stop pulling their hair out. Her copy is authentic, well researched and compelling. Her focus is on white papers, case studies, and blogs.

Average Rates: Each client is unique so rates can vary!


Writing Samples:

Nida Sea 06-2017SM

Nida Sea

Nida Sea is a copywriter, blogger, and marketer with over a decade of experience. Her business, Nida Sea Marketing Boutique, helps businesses grow their audience and improve ROI with customized content marketing and inbound marketing plans. Plus, you’ll get SEO-targeted, keyword-researched content that will resonate and engage readers.

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Bree Brouwer

For more than six years as a B2B content marketer and consultant, Bree Brouwer has helped digital media, video, and tech brands create content their audiences actually want to consume. Her work is based on the theory that time-tested, classic marketing fundamentals (such as storytelling and being genuine with your customers) are not only the most honest but also the absolute best way to turn heads and get results. Bree's specialty is in writing blog posts, white papers, and case studies, as well as in consulting with businesses on how to improve their overall content/content marketing strategies. 
Rates: Not the cheapest, but definitely worth your money! Free quotes for any biz ready for some killer-diller content.
Renayle Fink

Renayle Fink

Renayle Fink is a copywriter and blogger who has worked in print media and the web. She has written content on travel, lifestyle, and content marketing. She has also guest blogged for CopyPress, a content marketing agency focused on helping clients tell their stories. She's also been an editor and is known for her fast and thorough delivery of work.

Average Rates: Starts at $0.10/word.


Writing Samples:

Rohi Shetty photo 25 Feb 2017

Rohi Shetty

Rohi Shetty is a doctor, editor, blogger, ghostwriter, and copywriter. He writes content and copy for healthcare businesses. In the past few months, he has completed several ghostwriting book projects for chiropractors and other health professionals.

Average Rates: Flexible because each project is unique.


Writing Samples:

Anthony_s profile Pic_10

Anthony Dejolde

For more than a decade, Anthony has wielded his word-crafting power to create web copy, blog posts, white papers, case studies, business plans, press releases, and a plethora of marketing collateral for various businesses. Whenever business owners and entrepreneurs need help regarding instructional design or ghostwriting, he won't say no, either. His penchant for extending superb customer relations to clients always shatters all creative blockages and that, in turn, makes way for excellent results. He has diverse interests so he caters to a wide range of verticals including business, entrepreneurship, tech, lifestyle, music and the arts, broadcasting/communications, and Christian ministry.

Average rates: Depend on the type of projects. More complicated ones will naturally demand more moola. Contact him for a free price quotation.