Ramiro Roman

Specializing in making the "weird" wondrous, Ramiro Roman works in both digital and traditional art mediums. Also known as "Skincube" online, Ramiro creates avatars, album covers, comics, and memes. Primarily interested in horror-based artwork, but is open to suggestions.

Average Rates: $20 - $200 (depends on size of piece and details needed).


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Heather Landry

Working in both traditional and digital mediums, Heather Landry specializes in horror, fantasy, and pop art. Heather, known as "SandPaperDaisy" online, showcases a wide range of talents and is comfortable in the commercial field, having designed multiple logos and advertising materials.

Average Rates: $5 - $300 (depending on the medium required and complexity of the piece).


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Brian Danger

Brian Danger is a Metis-Canadian Artist born with Achondroplasia Dwarfism putting himself through university by working. He works full time and produces art on the side. Brian is inspired by electronic/pop/rock music, comic books, sci-fi, video games, old Power Rangers episodes, and horror to create neon-colored pop art portraits. He also does cartoon vector art. His typical products include t-shirt designs, posters/prints, avatars, and promotional art.

Brian is twice-published and currently creating promotional art for Wicked Enigma (an LGBTQ Horror web series).

Average Rates: $15-$200

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