What is MuseHub?

MuseHub is an online Rolodex/directory of freelance writers and artists. These creative professionals have a wide range of skills and talents, and are right at your fingertips. Whether you’re a writer looking for an artist, an artist looking for a writer, or a business owner who needs some written or artistic flair — we’ve got you covered.

How do I contact one of the writers/artists on MuseHub?

Each writer’s and artist’s information is included with his or her entry in our online directory.

If you see someone you’d like to work with, simply click on their website address/contact info and take it from there! While MuseHub lists writers and artists of all kinds, we do not connect you personally; nor do we sponsor the writers and artists we feature.

You don’t “sponsor” the writers and artists? What does that mean?

While we have a short interview with each applicant who buys a space in our directory to make sure they’re a legitimate writer or artist, we have not personally tested each and every professional ourselves. We cannot guarantee that they are as good, or as professional, as they’ve told us they are. We’re relying a lot on good faith in the freelancing community. Hopefully they won’t let us — or you! — down!

It should also be noted that if any of the writers or artists engages in controversial material, it’s entirely your choice to click on their website. We provide disclaimers for writers and artists who create “adult” material, but that’s as far as we take it. While we might not always agree with the material provided by the creatives in our directory, we stand by their Freedom of Speech.

So, as a writer/artist, I can create controversial or adult material and still be featured?

Absolutely. If you’re a legitimate writer or artist and want to pay $5/month to be in our directory, that’s fine with us. We will; however, take a few precautions: your listing will have a disclaimer about what you do and, when you’re featured on the blog, your work may be censored.

You’ll censor me on the blog if my work is controversial/adult?

Only mildly. For example, if you take nude photographs or draw extremely violent sketches, we’ll likely put a black bar or blur out the “offensive” parts of your imagery. That said: we will link to the uncensored piece on your website within the blog post.

How do I get featured on the blog?

Everyone gets a spot on the blog the first month they sign up. Once we have your $5 for your first month, we’ll contact you for an interview.

Can I be featured on the blog twice?

If you would like to be featured on the blog a second time after your free spotlight your first month, it will cost you an additional three dollars ($3 USD).

My question wasn’t answered…

Feel free to contact us with ANY questions you have!

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