Spotlight On: Heather Landry

Heather Landry AKA SandpaperDaisy joins MuseHub’s Lauren Tharp to talk about her work as a funeral portrait artist, her new horror/fantasy comic, her debut novel, and why she’s TOTALLY AGAINST “limited” art pieces.

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Featured Art

Atomic Jazz

Atomic Jazz – “Another dream illustration. This dream was about a jellyfish leveling a city instead of a mushroom cloud. The two children watching are a recurring motif in my work.”

Perelandra – “Inspired by the novel of the same title by one of my favorite authors, C. S. Lewis. A deer stands on a shifting fluid island and contemplates a tree teeming with fruit, in this case planets.”
robot mermaid
Robot Mermaid – “A mermaid with a speaker instead of a face. Her beautiful songs lure the sailors just like the sirens of old.”

Who Goes There – “Based on the climactic scene of my favorite movie, John Carpentet’s The Thing (1982), depicting an alien intruder who has absorbed the attributes of many victims. A similar Intruder is the primary antagonist in my new novel, The Balance.”

Stuff Mentioned in the Podcast:

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