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24/06/2018 5:06 am  

We are looking for content writers experienced in creating English content that caters to an audience from one of the specified countries and relevant to small business and accounting topics for enterprise brands. The ideal candidate should be able to provide samples of published content for reference. Accounting knowledge needed for at least one of the following: India, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico.

What we need:

Extensive knowledge of conversational English as well as AP style guidelines.
Ability to quickly adapt enterprise brand, voice and tone guidelines.
Experience in creating published content for enterprise brands that covers -but is not limited to- these categories (must have experience across multiple categories):
Small business
Business funding & planning
Launching a business
Examples of content published online. Preferably, for the designated countries that are relevant to the outlined topics.
I.e., A published article about launching a startup in India.
Currently live, have lived, and/or have extensive experience of small business and accounting practices for relevant country.

There are many small business and accounting policies/procedures that differ from country to country that we need our contributors to be aware of in order for us to deliver top quality content to our client.
For example, LLC’s do not exist in Canada and should not be referenced in content targeted at that country.

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